Q. How do I Find my Precinct Number?

A. There are four easy ways to find your precinct number:

  1. It is located on your Voter ID Card
  2. It is located on your Ballot recently sent to you in the mail by your County Supervisor of Elections
  3. Call your Supervisor of Elections in the County where you are registered to vote
  4. Conduct a simple web search using your favorite browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Bing, etc.) as follows:

On the search bar type in Find my Precinct _____________ County ___________

Fill in Name of County                 and State

This search will take you to a page where you choose your local County Supervisor of Elections Website.

Click on the menu choice that says something like “Poll Location”

In most states, the page that will come up will ask you to fill in basic information like your:

  1. house number
  2. street
  3. Initials
  4. Date of Birth

Click “Enter” or “Go” and a detailed information sheet will pop up giving you your precinct number along with poll location and other valuable voter information.

Q: How is PollMole Different from other Polling Apps?

The PollMole platform was built from the ground up to incorporate best-of-class technology in each of its four principle, critical path activities including: a) encryption; b) throughput; c) processing power, and d) data analytics

  1. More than an App! PollMole is a Social Networking Platform delivered in the form of a free downloadable app. It is being rolled out in 4 basic formats; each with display screens that are easy to use and understand – so that everyone can participate. Despite its outward simplicity, what lies beneath is some of the most advanced technology in the world.
  2. Purpose: PollMole is much more that a giant calculator. It is a comprehensive connectivity tool that empowers an enormous number of regular people to share unfiltered, uncensored raw information in a simple, understandable way. We call that actionable intelligence, and it is designed to take interactive communication to a whole new level of transparency. In other words, it’s information people can trust.
  3. Speed: PollMole is built on a proprietary terabyte per second quantum tunneling technology that is approximately one million times faster than any other polling app in the world.
  4. Processing Power: PollMole is essentially crash-proof, using an elastic load balancing, dynamic auto-scaling Flex-Cloud-technology.
  5. Encryption and Data Integrity: PollMole is essentially hack-proof. We have integrated an end-to-end, 5th generation better-than-NSA cyber-defense encryption technology making it the most protected and secure Social Networking Platform in the world.
  6. Analytics: PollMole’s proprietary AWS-powered Big Data back-end is the most robust in the world. It can handle trillions of data packet calculations per second without disruption.
  7. Refreshable Resident Displays: PollMole’s simple display screens are designed to deliver raw, unfiltered, uncensored, and unbiased information in real time (refreshable displays) right into the palm of your hand. Simply stated, no polling app in the world can match PollMole’s processing speed, data integrity, platform security, and interactive analytical capacity.
  8. Transparency: Each vote triggers a push notification with a date time stamp to ensure each user that their vote counts, because their vote was counted.
  9. Capabilities:

Release 1.0 – is a powerful Political Polling technology provided as a free public service information portal, that lifts the veil of secrecy from voting process. Votes are cast in secret, then counted in public, instantly and transparently guaranteeing the integrity of the system. Release 1.0 honors our first core principle of empowering ‘We the People” by providing them with transparent, unfiltered information about the electoral process delivered in real-time right to the palm of their hand, in a simple, easy to understand interactive graphical format.

In addition, we believe that election theft is a very serious problem, and PollMole is not playing games. Release 1.0 is designed to deter election theft by gathering voting data from tens of millions of voters from all 180,000 US precincts in order to provide a basis of comparison against the “Official Tally”. Beginning Sunday October 9, 2016 at midnight and ending on Election Day; PollMole will conduct 5 separate polls in the form of: a) Four Weekly Straw Polls, and then b) On Election Day, the largest, most accurate and statistically-robust nationwide Exit Poll ever conducted in history. By sampling such a large number of voters, the margin of error approaches zero, making undetected election theft virtually impossible. Furthermore, if any manipulation is suspected, each of PollMole’s tens of millions of votes is actually registered as an electronic affidavit that can be provided in court as evidence with the necessary standing needed to challenge the “Official Results.”

Release 2.0, due out in the spring of 2017, is our Public Opinion Survey technology that will be provided in a free, open source environment. It honors our second core principle of facilitating human interaction in a safe and secure environment to promote honest, interactive, communication on a global scale. It is designed to break through the barriers erected against the free exchange of ideas; and by bypassing the monopoly of content control established by the Information Cartel. PollMole will level the playing field for people all over the world to connect with one another in ways that have not been available before. We see this as our way of paying it forward and saying thank you.

  1. Compliance and Audit Trail: The PollMole platform has been built from the ground up to meet or exceed all of the government’s most rigorous specifications for internal data tracking including certification standards for both Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPPA compliance, with full audit trail capabilities. In fact, we welcome anyone who would like to audit our system to do so. We are proud of what we’ve built and have nothing to hide. We want everyone to be assured that the information that we provide is the most truthful, most accurate, most honest, and most transparent information in the world.
  2. Cost: Despite its quantum leap in capabilities, PollMole can be downloaded for free, and does not charge any monthly fees, or other costs of any kind to participate in Release 1.0 and 2.0. Our commercial for-profit operations will occur with Release 3.0 (market research) and Release 4.0 (targeted marketing); both due out in 2017.

Q: What prevents someone from voting twice?

PollMole has two levels of voter integrity. First, over the next 4 weeks, the program has a lockout feature that hides the Weekly Straw Poll vote screen after each vote is cast until the next week’s poll begins (with the reset at midnight each Sunday). Second, a device registration algorithm prevents the device from being used to cast votes more than once in the same Weekly Straw Poll.

Q: What prevents someone from voting on two or more devices?

PollMole cannot prevent dishonest people from gaming the system and logging in with different ID’s on multiple devices. It is the most common complaint of all e-voting technologies. We believe that most people will follow the rules, and those who don't will tend to cancel themselves out.

Q: How are modern polling methods being used to help rig elections?

Sadly, for several decades (since the advent of electronic voting machines) modern elections are stolen all the time using a sophisticated multi-step process called "Skimming."

Skimming is a process where the bad guys rig three things: 1) the pre-election polls; b) the Election Day exit polls, and 3) the election itself. Skimming has now become a big business. It has evolved from stuffing ballot boxes, to scientifically planned electronic cybercrime. Done correctly, Skimming is impossible to detect with the current systems in place.

In Skimmed elections, the pre-election polls play two very important roles.

First, the Skimmers repeatedly announce through the controlled media that the race is going to be “very close” – so this expectation of uncertainty is firmly established in the public mind; even though we have not been allowed to verify the polling data for ourselves, neither has the polling data been subjected to an independent audit. So manipulation of the polling data itself is easy – the bad guys can either just make it up, or skew who they talk to in order to get the results that they want. Either way, no one is the wiser and the stage is set to steal the election.

Second, one telltale sign that an election is being Skimmed is when there are repeated and consistent announcements that the race is “too close to call,” sometimes this begins months in advance. One poll will announce that one candidate is ahead one day, only to fall behind the next. It’s a form of political theater presented to the public like a horserace; with the leaders jockeying for position down to the wire, where a photo finish will determine the winner by a nose. Strangely, no effort is made to improve the polling methods used, since they continue to sample very small numbers of people thus maintaining a large 'margin of error' which never improves the uncertainly of the poll.

The idea behind rigged polls is to set the expectation that the race is going to be extremely close, while at the same time conducting these same polls with only a handful of people in order to keep the margin of error very large: typically, somewhere between 6 to 8%. This is a gigantic blind spot, but one that is purposely and artificially maintained right up to Election Day.

The Election Day Exit Poll is the critical one to rig. In Skimmed elections, the exit poll will inexplicably be just as inaccurate as the straw polls have been for the months leading up to the election. No effort is made to improve the accuracy since this sets the final stage for the rigging of the election itself.

Election Rigging: Using a series of methods like dead people voting, illegals voting, multiple-site voting, and machine rigging; the bad guys can manipulate the vote count to be very close – just as predicted. In fact, the bad guys work very hard to bring the "Official Vote" down to the point where the winner wins by less than the exit poll's margin of error, so that no one can tell whether there was any foul play or not. That is how Skimming works and it appears that it is used all the time by both parties, since it works extremely well and is essentially undetectable. Nobody ever gets caught…!!! There is nowhere to look, and no evidence is left behind in the voting machines (the crime scene). It’s the perfect crime… every time!

That's where PollMole comes in. When millions of people vote in our exit poll, the margin of error is almost zero. Combine that with the fact that our data is being collected from all 180,000 precincts in the US, we will be able to identify any manipulation immediately as the roll out of the “Official Vote” is paraded across the news rooms of America. That is how PollMole works. We compare our results to the “Official Results.” If it is different by more than 1% or 2%, the vote was rigged. It’s just that simple. Our hope is that the mere presence of PollMole’s Exit Poll will be such a powerful deterrent that it will stop the bad guys from attempting to Skim elections; because if they try, they will get caught.

Q: Will PollMole just track the popular vote or will it also have the ability to track the votes by State?

PollMole’s 4 Weekly Straw Polls are reported as a nationwide popular vote. The Election Day Exit Poll will add state by state results and much more (to be released Tuesday November 8th at 6am ET). Together we can revolutionize the electoral process, but only if all of us participate. We invite everyone to join us in making history. Let’s do this!